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Our Program

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Ongoing programs

Name of the program


Main Activities

Downer agency

Social reform and development program

1999 to till the date

Group formation& meeting training, Income generating Rally environmental development, national and intonation day over vation disable development

G.S.S Local contribution .membersubcription social well fare Department to youth development department

empowerment poverty redaction

September 2000 to till date

Yard meeting reproductive health .H.I.V /AID. how to save money from  their domestic income

G.S.S. and local contribution

Anti tobacco program

1 st January 201o to till the date

Trust force meeting, public place slain board, bill board Establish meeting awareness leaflet workshop seminar rally to help mobile court.

AID (Action In Development) Jhenaidah.

Bandu Chula

2010 to till the day.

yard meeting women awareness established development cula family level awareness development to save natural environment pollution

GIZ and chailint            Contribution